Big City Moms Baby Shower | eyeCatchLight Bay Area Maternity and Newborn Photographer

It's been a little quiet on the blog - my sincere apologies!


But don't fret - behind the scenes a lot has been going on. For one, last month I was a Bronze Sponsor for the Big City Moms Baby Shower San Francisco! I also served as an event photographer besides manning our booth at the event, so that was definitely a fun-filled day!


My biggest thanks goes to Verity from Boss Bikkie cookies who was a sponsor and amazing booth-president while I was around portraying the event! Thank you Verity!


We reached out to many amazing mums-to-be and extended a $200 credit coupon for use with a maternity or newborn session (or both)! We prepared little gift and goodie bags with cookies, coupons, cards, and more!


We're so overwhelmed by the positive response - I am still calling many of the attendees to activate their offer, and it's been great to get such beautiful feedback from the community on my photography.


Thank you so much Big City Moms and all the attendees - YOU - for making this event possible! See a few photos below!





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